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Do you live in the west? Are you thinking of going for a solar panel installation in Perth?. But we are the ones who will take you on this brave and beautiful journey of installing a solar panel in your Residential or commercial property.

What to look for in a solar retailer when deciding on a solar installation in Perth?

The choice of the right solar retailer in Perth is dependent on your individual needs. Most companies will not be able to provide information about products and services that are most suitable for your situation, but we can. We will design a system based exclusively on your electricity needs. The size and location of your roof will all be considered as well as the cost of the system and your home's energy consumption.

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Average daily solar output estimate for a typical solar panel installation in Perth

This data assumes a 32-degree pitch of solar panels installed in Perth as Perth gets a lot of sun throughout the year. However, the winter months and shoulder seasons see a significant drop in sunlight. With an optimally-installed system, November, December, and January are the best months to produce solar energy in Perth.
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Our team of in-house solar engineers and consultants, project managers as well as quality assurance personnel and System monitoring work seamlessly to create the most efficient systems available and customers are rapidly recognizing that our commitment to excellence is unparalleled.


We believe in high quality deliverance thus our range only offers the most trustworthy and reliable brands across the country.


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